Health researchers believe that while much exercise can deter normal weight women from getting pregnant.

However, it seems to have little effect on heavy weight women.

While exercise might be great for women trying to get pregnant, too much exercise might reduce the chances of getting pregnant in normal weight women.

It was discovered by some U.S. and Danish researchers who studied the link between physical activity and fertility using Danish women as case study.

The result of the research led them to posit that being fat, or even obese, does not hinder the tendency of getting pregnant among heavy women who do vigorous exercises.

These exercises include running, fast cycling, and aerobics. Find more tips and exercises on http://www.webmd.com/.

Normal weight women, however, were found to have less chances of getting pregnant if they engage in vigorous exercises.


Lauren Wise, an associate professor of epidemiology and study author, points out that higher rates of fertility were observed in heavy women who were engaged in vigorous exercises.

But the reverse seems to be the case for women with normal body weight.

Wise related that the importance of the research is to let heavy weight women know that their chances of becoming pregnant can be increased by engaging in vigorous exercises.

She also advised that normal weight women who wish to increase their fertility rate should engage in less difficult exercises such as walking and gardening rather than running or weight lifting.

It has also been observed among competitive female athletes that intense exercise disturbs the regular menstrual cycle.

Intense exercise among normal weight women can deter ovulation or cause the absence of menstrual cycle.

And it can also prevent the sperm from reaching a fertilized egg attached to the wall of the uterus.

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