Review of Traxxas E-Maxx – The Heart of a Brushless Warrior

Take 1-part rugged strength, 2-parts proven reliability, then sprinkle in an ounce or two of brushless power and you get the Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless Edition!

With fully waterproof electronics, the E-Maxx allows you to take on the toughest off-road terrain. Mud, snow, grass or boulders, there is nowhere too tough for this brushless warrior.

The truck now comes standard with Traxxas Stability Management, waterproof electronics and a TQi 2.4 transmitter.  This beast’s heavy-duty setup allows for extreme wheel-lifting torque and insane acceleration. Out of the box, the brushless warrior can reach over 35 mph and with a simple battery upgrade, it can easily get up to speeds that are in excess of 65 mph!

E-Maxx uses waterproof MXL-6s gold-plated connectors and a brushless 2200kV motor to propel the truck over almost any terrain imaginable. With a solid 5mm shaft, Traxxas engineers designed the drivetrain and transmission to take a beating from the massive power of the 75mm aluminum motor.

Monster 17mm aluminum splined hubs are used to connect E-Maxx’s stylish black chrome wheels to its solid drivetrain and powerful motor. Its low chassis has a center skid plate and strengthened braces that were designed to withstand flexing and twisting, the frame even has an adjustable wheelie bar to keep your wheels on the ground during extreme acceleration.

The E-Maxx comes with two Traxxas ID Power Cell Battery packs and a 4-amp 12-volt DC Fast Charger so you don’t have to wait seemingly endless hours for your batteries to charge. The Fast Charger has a built-in peak-detection circuit that ensures your batteries get a complete charge every time. E-Maxx even has an adjustable battery compartment that will accommodate most batteries. An awesome feature for when you’re ready to upgrade to 65+ Mph.

As always with RCs from Traxxas, the E-Maxx comes fully-assembled and is Ready-To-Race right out of the box. The only thing missing is you. By the way, it is in top here


  • TQi 2.4 transmitter and receiver
  • Waterproof electronics, servos and ESC
  • Single speed transmission (two-speed optional)
  • Revo-Spec sealed pivot ball suspension
  • Revo-Spec sealed outer and center driveshafts and differentials
  • Low-CG chassis design with added reinforcement
  • Solid transmission skid plate
  • Adjustable battery compartment with snap-lock hold downs
  • Dual servos steering system
  • Integrated servo saver
  • 8” chrome twin-spoke wheels
  • 8” Maxx Chevron tires

What We Liked

Traxxas did not disappoint with the E-Maxx. There are so many features to choose from, but our favorite is the integrated telemetry system.

The TQi 2.4 transmitter comes fully equipped with a Bluetooth module and with the truck’s factory-installed telemetry sensors, you can easily track and record real-time speed, RPM and voltage data on your smart phone or tablet.

All you have to do is download the Traxxas link from their website and you’ll instantly be able to view up to 9 customizable gauges that give you insight into how your vehicle is performing.

What Could Be Improved

The Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless is a great RC truck. However, the one thing that we found disappointing was its speed. Albeit, the E-Maxx is built for sheer power and performance and at 65+ mph, is quite fast by most definitions, for at least some RC fans, nothing gets their engines revved up more than 100 mph of pure exhilaration.

If you’re not a huge fan of big wheels and big power; and speed is more you’re thing, then be sure to check out the Traxxas’ X0-1!


What do you think of the Traxxas E-Maxx?

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Buy HGH Without A Prescription

Human Growth Hormone or HGH has been available on prescription basis only for several years in the form of professionally administered injections, but now there are a considerable number of non-prescription alternative ways to gain the benefits of HGH without breaking the bank. To buy HGH without a prescription you can’t actually buy the hormone itself. Instead you have to purchase supplements that encourage the natural production of HGH inside the body. Considering the fact that HGH was until recently only available in a form processed directly from the pituitary glands of human corpses, this is probably quite a relief to many of you who think you would like to try out the new wonder anti-ageing phenomenon.

Apart from the unpleasant sourcing of full HGH and its links to such nasty side effects as Creutzfeld Jaakobs Disease (CJD), or mad cow to those of us who prefer our diseases to have an amusing name, there have been several side effects linked to injectable HGH. All the obvious disadvantages of having to have thrice daily injections are coupled with reported excessive hand growth (or ‘Spade Hand’) and certain problems with excessive growth of internal organs. HGH supplements have so far thrown up none of these side effects, and are believed to be completely safe.

To buy these HGH Releasers as they are generally known without a prescription is relatively cheap and easy, although be careful if you go travelling and take them with you as many countries have not lifted the restrictions yet. HGH releasers are available in several different forms, the most common being oral sprays and tablets. Both are reported to work, although scientific studies so far show tablets to be more universally effective it is possible that the differing results could be because of the varied combinations of ingredients used.

There is no single HGH releaser chemical that is the best or only one you need. Almost all currently available non-prescription products are a mixture of associated chemicals which provide the materials needed for the body to produce more HGH, and others which encourage it to do so. Different blends and proportions of these various ingredients will have varied effects on different people due to the wide differences in every human of the natural levels of these chemicals.

Most of the leading products claim that their ingredients are all natural, which is often a bit of a misnomer but in the case of HGH releasing supplements seems to be actually true in most cases. In any event many of these products are available in a free trial form, and the reported quick action of these supplements should mean that you can soon find out what works and what doesn’t work for you.

If you have definitely decided that you want to buy HGH without a prescription, then it is still recommended that you discuss it with your physician, as certain conditions and other drugs such as MOAI inhibitors should be treated with great care in combination.

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Amazing Beneficial Properties of Human Growth Hormones Somatropin

Somatroppine HGH is one of the popularly sold drug to enhance lean body muscles and to burn fatty tissues quickly. As it is mostly used in solution form to be injected, the effects can be seen in few weeks of its usage.

How does user’s benefit while consuming HGH doses?

  • It stimulates the production of cells in bones to make them stronger. It is a known fact that death of old cells lead to reproduction of new cells, due to varied biological reasons the formation of new cells isn’t adequate to carry the functions of skeletal system smoothly hence taking the drugs will help to the formation of new cells as per the requirement of the body.
  • You can gain height even after the age limit.
  • Aged individuals often complain that they are not able to gain well toned muscles even after doing strenuous exercises and taking proper nutritious diet. The reason is muscle mass stops to rebuild after a certain age limit. The drug helps in protecting your muscle integrity, thus you gain muscle mass in proper way even in old age.
  • To stay focused the whole day is a great virtue to be possessed by any human being. The drug helps you to stay active by driving away fatigue.

Growth hormone deficiencies can occur at any age or to any one irrespective of gender. If left untreated may lead to other disorders which are sure to prove harmful to a person mental and physical health. Administering the right quantity of the drug is sure to be beneficial to prevent the lacking of motivation power, less concentration power or lack of memory.

The replacement of new cells in place of old decaying cells will give the required strength to body’s skeletal frame. Improvement in flexibility, have restful sleep, enhancing immune system of body, improve your vision, ensure smooth working of metabolic system and stronger bones are few of the characteristics associated with the drug.

Somatropinne HGH for sale legality concerns can be verified on website links where you are sure to have all the rightful information about the drug and where it can be legally bought for beneficial usage. In many States the drug has been banned to be marketed as hundreds of its users have reported of falling sick after consuming it.

Side effects can be always experienced if the drugs have not been taken as per the instructions prescribed by medical advisors. Thus, Somatropinne if taken in right measures is sure to be beneficial.

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Health researchers believe that while much exercise can deter normal weight women from getting pregnant.

However, it seems to have little effect on heavy weight women.

While exercise might be great for women trying to get pregnant, too much exercise might reduce the chances of getting pregnant in normal weight women.

It was discovered by some U.S. and Danish researchers who studied the link between physical activity and fertility using Danish women as case study.

The result of the research led them to posit that being fat, or even obese, does not hinder the tendency of getting pregnant among heavy women who do vigorous exercises.

These exercises include running, fast cycling, and aerobics. Find more tips and exercises on

Normal weight women, however, were found to have less chances of getting pregnant if they engage in vigorous exercises.


Lauren Wise, an associate professor of epidemiology and study author, points out that higher rates of fertility were observed in heavy women who were engaged in vigorous exercises.

But the reverse seems to be the case for women with normal body weight.

Wise related that the importance of the research is to let heavy weight women know that their chances of becoming pregnant can be increased by engaging in vigorous exercises.

She also advised that normal weight women who wish to increase their fertility rate should engage in less difficult exercises such as walking and gardening rather than running or weight lifting.

It has also been observed among competitive female athletes that intense exercise disturbs the regular menstrual cycle.

Intense exercise among normal weight women can deter ovulation or cause the absence of menstrual cycle.

And it can also prevent the sperm from reaching a fertilized egg attached to the wall of the uterus.

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Research Methodology

In the course of the research, the researchers distributed questionnaires to 3,628 women within the age bracket of 18 to 40 years.

This distribution was done over the internet.

As a rule, the women should not be undergoing any fertility treatment.

And they have to be in stable relationships with male partners and have plans to get pregnant.

Information on height, reproductive and medical history, body weight, lifestyle, and behavioral details were collected first from

Then questionnaires were sent via email to them for every two months for a period of 12 months or till the woman conceives.

The first question asked these women was the average number of hours they exercised per week.

Also, they were also to answer questions on the kind of physical exercises they did, if it was simple or a difficult activity.

Exercises such as running, fast cycling, gymnastics, and swimming were considered strenuous.

But brisk walking, leisurely cycling, gardening, and golfing were considered to be less strenuous exercises.

Participants were classified based on the level of exercise performed and results evaluated according to body mass index (BMI, a ratio of weight to height).

Any BMI over 25 is considered overweight or obese.\

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It was discovered that less vigorous physical activity can be linked to increased fertility or ability to get pregnant quickly.

The researchers also discovered that the reverse is the case for women who have normal weight (a BMI below 25).

Normal weight women who engage in strenuous physical activity have reduced chances of becoming pregnant.

But there was no link found between obese women who engaged in strenuous physical activity and the time it took them to become pregnant.

These findings were published in March 15 in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility, even though the study did not prove a cause-and effect-relationship.

Wise observed that other research posited that being obese might lead to reduced chances of becoming pregnant compared to the fertility rate among normal weight women.

She also pointed out that obesity has often been linked with the instability of menstrual cycles.

Wise proposes something different from her predecessors who have studied the relationship between pregnancy and women weight.

She posits that obese women should engage in more vigorous exercises to decrease harmful effects of obesity and increase chances of becoming pregnant.

Why increased physical activity in obese women might lead to increase fertility rate is unclear since the researchers did not dig into this aspect.

Conclusions Reached

Dr. Dimitrios Mastrogiannis, director of the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and an associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, pointed out that:

“Obesity is a different ballgame. Different hormones are playing around in obesity—fatty tissue produces more female hormones, more estrogens. Other hormones are transformed into female hormones in the adipose tissue.”

He said that the research does not indicate that one should become obese to increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

Neither does total disengagement from physical activity increase probability of becoming pregnant.

Mastrogiannis noted that exercise is good since it reduces the chances of having such diseases as cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc.

And physical exercise can also be linked to better chances of becoming pregnant, less pain, easier labor, and fewer induced births.

The study concludes that normal weight women who wish to get pregnant should stick to moderate aerobic exercise.

The researchers recommended that normal weight women should engage in moderate exercises such as walking for; at least; 30 minutes in a day.

Mastrogiannis pointed out that: “If they engage in very vigorous exercise (such as running, fast cycling, gymnastics or swimming) for more than five hours a week, it makes them less fertile.”

So, it is good and beneficial for heavy and obese women to engage in vigorous exercises as it does not reduce their chances of becoming pregnant.

But normal size women need do only mild exercises if they hope to increase their chances of becoming pregnant.

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